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We’ve helped 285 clients find attorneys today. Were you JUST involved in a car accident? Here’s advice from our auto accident attorneys on what you should do immediately after an accident:
Our car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping the injured and their loved ones recover and get back to their daily routine. We understand that being injured in a car accident is an overwhelming experience. At times, some injury victims may not be capable of returning to work for an extended period of time, which can become a burden for the entire family. Our legal team is here to help lift that burden and make sure you receive just compensation.
Collection – If a case is resolved through a settlement, you should expect to collect the settlement amount within a month after an agreement is reached. If a case is resolved through a judgment, however, you could run into difficulties. An auto insurance company may choose to file post-trial motions or an appeal, which can add time to the case. In some cases, legal action may need to be taken to collect the judgment.
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(1)  local police department if the accident occurred in a municipality; Weather, including rain, snow, fog, ice, sleet, and wind Hiring a personal injury attorney is important when you are injured. I know most people believe the insurance companies will take care of them in an automobile crash. However, most insurance companies are more concerned about the bottom line than the injured party. This is not in your best interest.
Fax: (505) 268-8708 Right to be updated regularly on the progress of your case. What should I do after an accident? The amount of your accident compensation is mostly determined by how severe your injuries were. And the severity of your injuries is measured by the amount of your medical bills, the type of injuries you have, and the length of time it takes for you to recover. As the amount of your potential compensation increases, the range within which that compensation may fall becomes wider. In such cases, it may be worth the expense to have a lawyer handle your claim and make sure you receive compensation at the highest end of the range.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

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Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents Some of these injuries may have severe, long-lasting effects and complications. For example, burns or crushed limbs may result in disfigurement or amputations. Spinal cord injuries may result in paralysis of some or all of the body, leaving a victim with little or no movement. Traumatic brain injuries can substantially hinder a victim’s physical, mental, and emotional functioning, often keeping them from attending work or school, having normal relationships, or controlling their emotions.
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Pre-existing injuries Flagstaff Our Record of Success Arizona Car Accident Attorney
Side impact collisions are very serious and common accidents. They are responsible for approximately 8,500 deaths per year.
DISCLAIMER Top 5 Intersections for Hit and Run Auto Accidents in Los Angeles Between November 2014 and October 2015
Getting Medical Treatment Is Your Top Priority after a Car Accident FindLaw
Indianapolis Car Accidents Involving Dangerous Driving
(719) 888-8888  COLORADO SPRINGS The vehicle was operated as intended; and/or Founder of the Meldon Law Firm Products & Services
Exchange insurance information with the other driver. DMV Office Finder
Recovering Compensation for St Pete Accident Simple English If you were involved in a truck accident with injuries we can help! Talk with our team of attorneys about your legal rights.
Thankful you represented us Personal Injury Lawyers What is a personal injury?
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Nutritionists Filing a Personal Injury Claim
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North Carolina’s Contributory Negligence Law Pedestrian Injury
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Fridays and Saturday are the most dangerous days of the week for accidents in Indiana. The highest number of collisions consistently occurred on Fridays, based on five years of traffic accident data. The highest numbers of fatal crashes in the most recent years occurred on Saturdays.
Dog trainers Bert Parnall has dedicated his legal career to helping people who have been wrongfully injured by others’ negligence, recklessness and criminal conduct. He has assembled a team of experienced personal injury attorneys, lawyers highly regarded and ranked by New Mexico peers and clients. The objective of Parnall Law is to hold those who caused your injuries accountable to you.
HOME SITEMAP OUR TEAM CONTACT The fact of the matter is, no matter how cautious of a driver you are, you can’t ever truly guard against a texting motorist crashing into your rear or getting T-boned by an intoxicated driver. Here are some further car accident stats to keep in mind:
Orlando, FL 32819 Review the records and driving history of the at-fault motorist or liable party From the moment you call us for a free consultation, our personal injury team jumps into action. We’ll meet with you in person in Phoenix, Tucson, or the surrounding communities. You need an experienced personal injury attorney who will give you the time and dedication to understand your unique case and provide meaningful advice.
Types of Car Accidents/Statistics The type of compensation may be limited, though. For instance, insurance companies do not pay for pain and suffering. That means that smaller injuries that did not need medical treatment might not get you compensated for the pain. Medical bills, however, can always get compensation. That means that, even for cuts and scrapes, you can get compensation for your medical expenses.
Twitter $190,000,000 Additional Services Hankey Law Office The Whitley Law Firm believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our programs are designed to help young members of our communities by fostering awareness and encouraging ongoing education in many different areas.
Bankruptcy Law Answers Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse If you’ve been injured in an accident, our team of lawyers is committed to help you recover the compensation you deserve.
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Phone: (303) 795-5900 The severity of a crash increases as the speed increases.
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