Pain and suffering: Non-economic damages may be recoverable, including loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, or mental anguish. July 2016 Privacy Policy | Marketing & Management by iLawyerMarketing Estate Planning Kansas City, MO Swinging Turn Truck Accidents How Can An Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Help You? Nearly 400,000 people under 25 worldwide die in auto accidents annually.. How is fault determined in a two-car accident? Daycare Abuse and Child Injuries Please enter your email address. Service Automobiles are a part of everyone’s daily life whether you are a vehicle owner, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Practically everyone has been the victim of a car accident, or has known someone close who has been. When an auto accident occurs, a wide network of personnel immediately becomes involved in the victim’s life. This network could include law enforcement, rescue personnel, hospital staff, towing companies, salvage yards, repair shops, doctor’s offices, investigators, and of course insurance companies. With so many moving parts, it is often difficult to make decisions or even know what you are being asked to decide. Get Answers to Questions about your My son was riding around with his teenage friends and the driver crashed while texting on his Smartphone. Can we hold the driver responsible for our son’s injuries? If the defendant is uninsured (b) An operator of a vehicle required to stop the vehicle by Subsection (a) shall do so without obstructing traffic more than is necessary. Attorney Referrals LISTEN TO ARTICLE Danielle Kinchen In addition to physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other serious psychological disorders can result from car accidents. When deaths occur and victims witness the scene of impact, severe emotional trauma is not uncommon. Cases of PTSD are a common outcome for victims who have suffered severe injuries or witnessed a loved one being injured or killed in a car crash. Product Liability Attorneys Sepulveda Boulevard & Burbank Boulevard Rear-end Collision Dram Shop Liability Pedestrian Accident 161 N. Clark Street, Suite 4700 Health View map Loss of a normal life – A recovery that focuses on the impact that a disability will have on your ability to participate in normal daily activities. Fort Lauderdale An average of 92 people died each day in motor vehicle crashes in 2012—that’s one every 16 minutes Many personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to evaluate your claim. Briskman Briskman & Greenberg Recommended Big Pine Key We have successfully recovered more than $100 MILLION in compensation for our clients. Commercial and Business Litigation How to Increase the Likelihood of Full Compensation from a Car Accident Help Toggle search Shopping-cart Hartford Cincinnati, OH All rights reserved. Life Insurance Learn Center Chest injuries. In a major impact to the chest, a car accident victim can sustain broken ribs and a condition known as flail chest. This is a life-threatening injury in which a portion of the rib cage breaks off and separates from the rest of the chest wall. Victims can also suffer traumatic cardiac arrest in an accident or collapsed lungs. 855-866-5529 X Close 3. There Are Multiple Parties Involved or Liability Is Not Clear

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Judy S. Brown Car accidents are life-changing experiences. Whether it’s a major accident with property, vehicle, and serious personal injury or a no-fault incident with nary a scrape or bruise, rarely does one leave an accident without experiencing some form of lasting effects, from vehicle damage to physical and psychological injuries. In many cases, the accident itself is only the beginning of what can be an extremely long process of filing an insurance claim, determining fault, and most importantly, getting the closure one needs to move on with their life. Having to take on both the insurance companies and the law to get what you deserve from your accident is extremely intimidating and often victims will accept a far lower settlement amount than if they had hired an attorney or received a free legal evaluation. Getting Compensation for Your Injuries Robert W. Munley, III Thomas T. Merrigan Cancer Misdiagnosis Estate Planning Attorney FREE CONSULTATION CALL US NOW 1-888-801-8585 $5 Billion Recovered For Our Clients SHOULD I ACCEPT THE INSURANCE SETTLEMENT OFFER? Tech Support Work with the medical liens. What are some things I need to do to protect my legal rights? Whistleblower/Qui Tam Cases The jury will award appropriate compensation if the defendant was found responsible Free Case Evaluation now! No thanks, Filing an Insurance Claim 2014 accidents Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney? Federal Rules & Regulations for Interstate Trucking Our team of pedestrian accident attorneys are experts in this often-confusing legal realm, excelling at in-depth negotiations with insurance companies and winning verdicts against poor drivers. We have the resources at hand to expedite this often arduous process, with its multiple steps that must be followed. Montana Under the Illinois Dram Shop Act, you can recover damages from a bar, restaurant, store or any other business licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in our state if the business is found to have contributed to the drunk driving accident that injured you. Gather the medical records and other pertinent information. Las Vegas Pick Your City Many people are reluctant to hire a lawyer for injuries that seem relatively minor. For example, if you get into a car accident and you bruise your arm and suffer a few scrapes, you may not feel it is worthwhile to hire a personally injury attorney. And if the other driver’s insurance company makes you an offer to pay your medical bills and give you a few hundred dollars extra on top of that, it may not be worth the hassle of finding legal representation. What to Do After  Most personal injury lawyers take cases on contingency. This means that instead of charging a fee directly, the attorney takes a portion of the damages received from a successful case. That portion will usually be about 33% of the total settlement money. Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90001 California CA 33.9731 118.2479 | Car Accident Attorney Beverly Hills Los Angeles-EV3O61 Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90001 California CA 33.9731 118.2479 | Car Accident Attorney Beverly Hills Los Angeles-4Av8PN Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90001 California CA 33.9731 118.2479 | Car Accident Attorney Beverly Hills Los Angeles-tqA40C
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